At Casablanca Film Production, we offer excellent film location services in Morocco so that you can select the best location for shooting your film. You can choose to utilize the services of our expert scouts who have in-depth knowledge of various locations that are ideal for shooting. Please contact us for the most popular locations for film shooting in Morocco.

Filming in Casablanca: Casablanca, the largest city of Morocco, is known for its modern city life, skyscrapers and surfer-friendly beaches. There are many locations in Casablanca that will perfectly fit the script of many movies. Spy Game is one of the top movies that have been shot in Casablanca.


Planning to make a movie with the Arabian countries as the setting? The Sahara tract of Morocco is the perfect place for you offering you the pure Arab culture. The desert with camel caravans and endless sand dunes gives you the exact look of the Arabian Desert. Notable films shot in the Sahara tract include Lawrence of Arabia and Sahara.


Casablanca has gained huge popularity as one of the most preferred shooting locations of filmmakers from around the world. They love to feature the scenic beauty of the city in their films, documentaries, video clips and commercials. If you are looking for complete film production services in Morocco, then Casablanca Film Production is your destination. We can assist you with any kind of shooting project in Morocco as we are certified by the CCM (Moroccan Cinematographic Center) which is the main authority in charge of film industry laws and regulations in Morocco.



Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco and one of the largest harbors in the world is also known for its ultra-modern city life, buildings and surfer-friendly beaches. There are several locations in Casablanca which will perfectly fit many scripts. Spy Game is one of the most popular movies shot in Casablanca.